Anita Jamiesonwatercolors

Artist Statement

Growing up in Brookline MA, I could walk to the Museum of Fine Arts for Saturday morning classes. At the time, I never anticipated that painting would be a passion later in life. Marrying at 18, having 2 kids by 22, I yearned for the academic life that I missed after high school. Starting with one art appreciation course at Bridgewater State, I eventually completed a BS in education in 7 years. Fast forward through teaching, divorce, remarriage, 2 more kids, a Master’s Degree from Harvard. After almost 30 years in education, I retired as a principal.

Anita Jamieson watercolor capturing the beauty of sunflowers

After retiring, I knew I wanted to paint. Luckily, I found Wendy Soneson, a well-respected watercolor teacher in Brookline. She has been my guide for many years as I have continued to master the art and technique of watercolor.

But why watercolor? It is awe-inspiring to see paint and water create a kaleidoscope of color. The fluidity of transparency, the infinite shades and layering of color, the science of blending, all form a richness that transcends the basic technique. As I have mastered color, I am still magically transported when the organic nature of water and paint go beyond what I intended.


My subjects are found in nature. I look for details that can be amplified and enhanced. Light filters through or shines upon, stark lights and darks contrast with muted colors, dull, dark colors highlight bright, light colors; blurred images refocus to clear, crisp shapes. There is the never-ending orchestra of crescendo and muted tones as the work unfolds. Many people think watercolor is just too difficult because one cannot just paint over a mistake. For me, it’s the challenge and allowing the water to take me to places I haven’t been before that keep me coming back.